On Page SEO service offers great possibility of ranking the website on the search engines in very less of time. On Page SEO is much controllable and is based on the content that you write. Off Page without On-Page is like ladder without rung. Thus, both off page SEO and on page SEO are complementary of each other. Let’s discuss in detail as to how On Page SEO can bring you the best possible results and why it is necessary these days.

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a process or technique to rank the individual website pages on the search engines. To rank the pages on Search engines via On Page SEO, the experts pay heed to keywords, user needs, meta title, meta description, meta tags, internal linking, outbound linking, keywords density, text formatting, slug, image alt text, length of content, problem solving content, research based content, bounce rate, text readability, text uniqueness, text relevancy and more.

On Page SEO Services in Delhi

Goosebumps is one of the top creative digital agencies in New Delhi providing various digital services, seo services, advertising and marketing services, branding and identity services & more services. Goosebumps provides On Page SEO services in Delhi at a very low and reasonable cost. The cost of our SEO services depend on keywords value, keywords difficulties, time & efforts involved and some other factors.

Let’s discuss our approach to On Page SEO services in Delhi.

User Requirements:

On Page SEO mostly depends on the user requirements. If the users are getting what they are looking for then it is more likely that the search engines will get a signal that users are getting value from the page. Suppose, if the user is looking for a specific application download, and you have ranked a page but not providing the download to user. Then there is possibility that you will rank for the keywords, but slightly go down as and as the search engines find that you are not providing what user is looking. However, there are existing some exceptions to it as well.

Meta Title

Your Meta Title is the snippet content that is first choice of search engines to decide if you have content that users are searching. Meta Title needs to be very relevant to the searches. Meta title needs also to be user friendly as it is something that users will see before making a choice to click on the page.

Meta Description

Meta Description too is the part of snippet content. Search engines give priority to Meta title & Description for ranking the page. If your page Meta Description is SEO friendly and includes the most relevant keywords for the specific content you are good to go. We at Goosebumps, thrive hard to create the best possible snippet content for the clients. Meta Title & Description is not a quick game of judging what is right or wrong. In fact, we have to do some research as to what can be the best Meta content.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags also indicate the search engines to rank the page for certain keywords. They show the relevancy to search engines. There should be mixture of wide target tags and narrow target tags for the best results out of Meta tags.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is highly beneficial for the pages. When you link your page text with the existing page URL then it is called internal linking. Internal linking passes the link juice. It also helps making the authority for websites and provides a better navigation and bounce rate.

Outbound linking

Outbound linking is also part of the SEO. When you provide a link source outside of your main domain then it is called outbound linking. Providing outbound linking to resourceful articles is very beneficial. It provides higher degree of possibility to rank the pages.

Keywords density

Keywords density also makes sense when it comes to ranking the pages on the search engines. Keyword density simple means that your main keyword should come more than a times on the page. However, it is always better to include the variations of keywords that people are searching on the search engines.

Text formatting

Text formatting to the main keywords and variations of keywords makes it easy for the users to understand the content. Not only this, it is highly beneficial for the SEO purpose. Making the Text bold (strong) gives a positive signal to the search engines telling them what the content is about.


Slug is also a part of On page SEO. Slug needs to have the main keyword at the beginning and its length should not be too big. The shorter it is, the better results it gives, however, exceptions exist as to it.

Image SEO

Images also play role in the SEO process. We provide image SEO services as well. Images SEO process includes proper Image Tile, Alt. text & Caption. Many users overlook the image SEO aspect, however, it is the area they need to pay attention.

Length of content

Length of content also matters a lot in today’s digital era. A good lengthy content provides a nice boost to the page. The length of content makes it possible for the search engines to quick understand the value and relevancy of content. For the best On Page SEO, length of content has to be considered. This can vary according to the niche you are working on.

Problem solving content

Problem solving content plays a better role in building not only trust among the visitors but also helps in SEO. Such content helps maintaining favourably good bounce rate.

Research based content

Content written with good data after thorough research helps getting a better response from the visitors reading it. Not only this, it helps improving bounce rate.

Bounce rate

Maintaining good bounce rate is pretty crucial to get the web page ranking higher in search results. If your users are bouncing very quickly from the page, it will obviously give a bad signal to the search engines and your rank can go down. On the contrary, if users spend time on the page it will give favourable juice to the page and your page rank will slightly improve.

Text readability

Text Readability is also one of the On Page SEO factors that should be taken care of. For the text readability it is important to break down the content in short, different and understandable paragraphs. The grammar in your paragraphs should also be quite accurate for the reader to quickly understand what you want to convey.

Text uniqueness

Text used on the web page should be unique and thus not copied from other pages. Uniqueness in text copy provides a very good signal to the search engines. There are many tool which provide you the detailed score about your text uniqueness.

Text relevancy

Text relevancy needs to be high for the possible search keywords. The more relevancy there would be, the more profitable it will be for the web page to get views.

Value Provision

The page has more chances to come on the top in search results if it is providing the value to the users. Internal linking, downloads or suggested sources help making it more as a value providing page.

So these ways one can do On page SEO. Also, these are the things we consider while we do the proper on page SEO for our clients. On Page SEO is more as an art of pleasing the both viewers reading it and the search engines recommending it to the users. We at Goosebumps use Google Approved SEO techniques. These techniques for the On Page SEO are safe & best for the page rankings.

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